Marketing Hazards

2018 is bringing about a whole slew of technological changes to the marketing world. But the new levels of technology and exploration occurring could also leave brands open to a number of marketing hazards.


Make Promises You Can Keep

Many brands are incorporating new technology into their user experience strategies. This is a great idea; technology is so commonplace in day to day life that it is incredibly useful in keeping your company relevant. What’s not great is when a company doesn’t fully understand the risks and possible setbacks that new technology poses. There is a lot of room for error in the implementation of new technology. The company must FULLY understand its uses and possible points of break down. Then, the consumer must understand the uses and how it relates to your overall business. And, of course, the technology has to work as promised. Any breakdown in this chain can lead to an interruption in user experience, which can result in negative perceptions of your brand.

Focus on Algorithm Optimization

The big buzzword of 2017 digital marketing is definitely “search engine optimization.” We all know that having a website isn’t worth much if it cannot be found by users online. But what marketers are quickly realizing is that we cannot really optimize for search engines. Instead, we are optimizing for the algorithms that sort search results in a certain order. The question is shifting from “How do I show up in Google results?” to “How do I satisfy Google’s search result algorithm?” While this shift seems like a play at semantics for some, it truly is the new norm for how we view search engine optimizing going into 2018. Check out our article on SEO ranking tips here to learn more about satisfying the search result algorithm.

Ubiquitous Brand Experiences

Probably one of the biggest marketing hazards moving into the new year is leaving your mobile users behind! Having a great site is one thing. Making it available in search results is another (big) thing. But ensuring your site has the capability of mobile viewing might be one of the most overlooked factors in user experience. Many times, we assume that our sites are automatically ready for mobile devices since the devices are capable of so much processing. But the truth is that you need to make a site that resizes and shapes for a fluid mobile experience. Some even go as far as to make a completely new site for mobile to make navigation easier for users. Whichever way you choose, you need to make sure everyone, on any device, will be able to get the same experience out of your website.

Stay Aware of Forged Metrics

Metrics are so important in measuring the success of any campaign. You want to be able to show a client how the campaign you’ve run has influenced their overall sales objectives. But what happens if you see a wildly large number of impressions and clicks, with little to no conversions? It means you may have fallen victim to a bot scheme. Bot schemes are most typical on social media platforms, such as Instagram, where an abundance of likes may not be questioned on some accounts. But there are the occasions where pages brands showcase their products on (i.e. “influencers”) are paying for likes, meaning those likes don’t actually translate to sales. Be aware of these forged metrics when analyzing your own results or when considering a partnership with another brand or influencer.

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Excerpted from Lucy Handley of CNBC Marketing, Media, Money: