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5 Tips for Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur¬†is both a frightening and strengthening journey. You’re going to find out a lot about who you are and the limits you can push yourself too. But beyond that, you may need some guidance on how to be... Read More

The SEO Timeline

It seems that up until recently SEO was a term reserved for the ultra tech-savvy. Being able to predict how search engines will process results is something the marketing world is driven to understand right now. But the history of... Read More

Branding Your Hiring Process

So now you’ve introduced employer branding to your recruitment strategy. Congratulations! You’re ahead of the crowd! But creating an employer brand is only half the battle. the other half? Maintaining your brand throughout the hiring process. It’s important to not... Read More

The Intersection of Recruiting & Marketing

Recruiting and Marketing have often occupied similar spheres of business. Both are behind the scenes, upper-level management tasks handled in the business world. But why shouldn’t they intersect? Now more than ever, businesses are starting to realize the importance of... Read More

Recruiting 101: Defining Employer Branding

Recruiting has been done nearly the same way for decades: post a job, job seekers apply, interviews are had, the best candidate is hired. But in 2018, the tides are changing.     Imagine a world where almost all applicants... Read More

The Importance of Your Mission Statement

Maybe you’ve heard a mission statement described as a “value proposition,” or “customer guarantee” before. It can go by many names, but each aim to answer the same question: What is your business doing for its consumers? All businesses must... Read More

Small Business Marketing: How to Choose the Best Path for Your Business

Small businesses have the hardest time breaking into serious marketing. Budgetary restrictions generally leave many small businesses reliant on word of mouth for most of their marketing. Today, you’re going to learn a simple weighing method to help you decide... Read More