Business to Business (B2B) marketing is a typically a practice that take a slightly diverted path from familiar course of consumer marketing (B2C). But as more businesses make a shift towards digital, B2B marketers will be following suit with their B2C counterparts by engaging their audience in the digital space.
B2B Engagement

Though generally categorized apart, B2B and B2C marketing are always be trying to serve a similar purpose: appealing to the right audience. B2B companies has slightly more pressure on it, since it’s image will play a much larger part in the overall success of the brand. B2B marketing are selling business products and services, and the companies they sell to need to be sold on the professional nature of who they are partnering with. At the end of the day, their brand reflects on the brands they will work with.

B2B companies constantly works to be exactly what their clients need them to be, and what their clients need is changing. More companies than ever conduct their business online, meaning B2B companies need to be present in that space. Some current stats on digital B2B marketing:

  • 89% of B2B decision makers assert that projected business growth is due to online eCommerce stores
  • 59% said the projected growth was due to easier customer acquisition
  • Currently, only 48% of B2B businesses sell their full product line online, but that number is project to grow drastically by 2018

In sum, all businesses need to be present where their consumers are. B2B is no different in that need. B2B marketing and growth in the future is reliant on being able to engage with clients in the digital space where they currently exist.

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