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SC Marketing Teaches How To Get Better Results With Your Business Social Platforms

Podcasts are a great way to learn new things. The owner of Strategic & Creative Marketing, Susan MacNicol, was excited to share her knowledge of the business world as it relates to social media on the podcast called, Business Class... Read More

Strategic & Creative Marketing Recognized Among the Top Agencies in the Nation

This past fall, our team here at SC Marketing was recognized for being among the top omnichannel marketing agencies. Cision Ltd. sent out a press release regarding the top 16 omnichannel marketing companies in the nation. This press release was... Read More

The Importance of Your Mission Statement

Maybe you’ve heard a mission statement described as a “value proposition,” or “customer guarantee” before. It can go by many names, but each aim to answer the same question: What is your business doing for its consumers? All businesses must... Read More

Subconscious Marketing Psychology

To an extent, your marketing efforts shape how your audience views your business. But there is a large number of subconscious, psychological factors that can influence your brand image.     Color Choice Different colors can impact a person’s behavior... Read More

Millennial Marketing Trends

Millennials seem to be one of the hardest social groups to understand. Ask one hundred people what millennials like, and you’re bound to get at least 50 different answers. So how do we market to such an undefined group?  ... Read More

The Growing Importance of Branded Content

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” thrown around a lot in 2017. Well, it doesn’t look like that sentiment is going anywhere in the coming years. In fact, branded content is becoming one of the most important... Read More

B2B Engagement in the Digital Age

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is a typically a practice that take a slightly diverted path from familiar course of consumer marketing (B2C). But as more businesses make a shift towards digital, B2B marketers will be following suit with their... Read More