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5 Tips for Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur¬†is both a frightening and strengthening journey. You’re going to find out a lot about who you are and the limits you can push yourself too. But beyond that, you may need some guidance on how to be... Read More

Small Business Marketing: How to Choose the Best Path for Your Business

Small businesses have the hardest time breaking into serious marketing. Budgetary restrictions generally leave many small businesses reliant on word of mouth for most of their marketing. Today, you’re going to learn a simple weighing method to help you decide... Read More

The Saigon Sisters and Refugee Impact

Saigon Sisters and the Impact of Refugees There is a growing debate within American politics about the value that refugees bring to the U.S. economy. Refugees come to America in the hopes of escaping persecution, often with nothing more than... Read More

The Entrepreneurial Way Podcast Appearance!

S/C’s very own President and Founder Susan MacNicol will be on The Entrepreneurial Way Podcast Sunday, December 10, 2017!   Tune in to Susan’s podcast appearance with The Entrepreneurial Way on Dec 10! Listen to host Neil Bail interview her... Read More