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SC Marketing Teaches How To Get Better Results With Your Business Social Platforms

Podcasts are a great way to learn new things. The owner of Strategic & Creative Marketing, Susan MacNicol, was excited to share her knowledge of the business world as it relates to social media on the podcast called, Business Class... Read More

Is Your Business Communicating With Customers During This Crisis?

Do your customers know how your business is operating today?  These are confusing times for customers as everyone’s business is not “operating as usual.” During the COVID 19 crisis, customers need to know how your business is responding. Do you... Read More

I’m Speaking at: Career Smart, Sponsored by AMA Chicago (American Marketing Association) 11/15/18 – Join Me!

How to Take Your Career to the Next Level (Literally) – is my presentation, and I’ll cover a range of topics including moving up the “corporate ladder,” how to succeed when your direct manager is not supportive, negotiating for top... Read More

Wash My Hair & I’ll Buy What You’re Selling

Simple Ways to Get More Sales I was at the hair salon the other day, leaning back in the chair, half asleep while having my hair washed and a thought occurred to me, “if the stylist asked me to buy something... Read More

Want To Know What GREAT Marketing Looks Like?

Do you want to Grow your Business? Great Marketing is essential to enhance Brand Recognition, get more customers, & increase sales!  You need a trusted source for all of your marketing needs and Strategic & Creative Marketing is that source. ... Read More

Branding Your Hiring Process

So now you’ve introduced employer branding to your recruitment strategy. Congratulations! You’re ahead of the crowd! But creating an employer brand is only half the battle. the other half? Maintaining your brand throughout the hiring process. It’s important to not... Read More

The Intersection of Recruiting & Marketing

Recruiting and Marketing have often occupied similar spheres of business. Both are behind the scenes, upper-level management tasks handled in the business world. But why shouldn’t they intersect? Now more than ever, businesses are starting to realize the importance of... Read More

Recruiting 101: Defining Employer Branding

Recruiting has been done nearly the same way for decades: post a job, job seekers apply, interviews are had, the best candidate is hired. But in 2018, the tides are changing.     Imagine a world where almost all applicants... Read More

The Importance of Your Mission Statement

Maybe you’ve heard a mission statement described as a “value proposition,” or “customer guarantee” before. It can go by many names, but each aim to answer the same question: What is your business doing for its consumers? All businesses must... Read More

2018 Marketing Hazards to Watch Out For

2018 is bringing about a whole slew of technological changes to the marketing world. But the new levels of technology and exploration occurring could also leave brands open to a number of marketing hazards.   Make Promises You Can Keep Many... Read More