A lot has changed lately in the business world and many owners are thinking of lowering their prices to attract more customers.  You don’t have to do that!

You just need to reach new customers that have a bigger budget to spend.  Because 41% of millionaires are on LinkedIn, it’s a great platform to use to reach new business customers with bigger budgets.

In order to talk to these people, however, you must first connect with those people on LinkedIn.  You should send out 20 or so invitations every day to invite new connections.  LinkedIn is designed to allow searches by profession, industry, location, or various keywords so that you can identify the best potential new customers.

So, once you find the right people, how do you make the connections?

Messaging is the best way to get those potential customers to accept your connection request.  Instead of just sending a blank connection request, people are much more likely to accept a connection from someone who has written them a note of introduction along with the request.

The best connection messages include the person’s name and give a valid reason for wanting to connect to them.  I.e, you are in the same city, you know the same people, you have the same customers, etc.  This personalization is what prompts people the most to connect.

Once connected, you then need to reach out to them again and introduce your product or service and ask them for a call.  At this point, you can then pitch your product/service, let them know why it’s unique, and what the benefits are to them.  Hopefully, they will then make a purchase.

WAIT – there’s an easier way!

If this sounds like a lot of work each day you’re right, it can be.  We at SC have found a MUCH easier way to connect to these best new customers.  We offer SC Connect, a platform that allows you to combine those personal messages with an automated system.  Then, you simply load your customer search & start the program.  There is nothing for you to do until someone responds with interest.  Then, you can go right to booking that call and making the sale.  You can save countless hours each week pursuing those that aren’t interested and instead wait for the interested parties to contact you.

We are happy to invite you to a live demonstration of this exciting program – simply fill out the form below,  call us at 847-271-4066, or send a request to Tami@SCmarketinginc.com.

We look forward to making it so much easier for you to reach the right customers!