Social media continues to change and organic posting will simply not deliver the way it used to. Platforms are changing algorithms and driving companies to buy ad campaigns if they want to reach their own followers. Marketers and companies must evolve and realize there’s a new landscape taking shape!

Whether your goal is to grow your following, increase engagement, or promote sales and leads, it is important to stay on top of social media trends. Though our focus today is Facebook and Instagram, it also encompasses LinkedIn and Twitter. Let’s look at two main changes in social media and three ways to improve your digital marketing approach.

How Social Media Has Changed

In the recent past, many brands and influencers relied on organic growth with photos and text. But as social media evolves and become ever more saturated, video is the content that dominates. 1200% more shares are generated by videos than text and images combined. Video posts grab and keep viewers’ attention.

Another major change is how new algorithms have tightened the reach on any social media post without paid dollars behind it. Facebook currently only offers a delivery rate of 2% on Facebook and Instagram. However, the FOUR tips below can keep social media a vital component of your overall marketing plan.

Keep Your Social Media Vital

1. Compelling Content

2. Increase Your Video Content

  • Increase your video content –  Invest time, energy and creativity in producing short, interesting video content. Pick topics and themes that interest your target market. Share personal insights and stories that inspire people and stay top of mind. Office value and it will keep your brand alive and growing.

3. Engagement is Key

4. Invest in Ads

  • Invest in Ads – The days of reaching potential customers via free social media are coming to an end. Investing in paid ads is now one of the only ways to actually reach your key target market with your brand and message. Make PAID social media ads a key component of your marketing plan. These campaigns can deliver a tremendous audience response, but remember to keep a portion of your ad budget specifically for this tactic. Once you’ve created interesting images or videos and intriguing content, use paid dollars behind the posts to reach the exact target who is most likely to respond to your messages.

As everything else is constantly changing, so is social media. The best and brightest are staying ahead of these changes and reshaping their marketing plans to ensure they continue to deliver value, convert leads and grow their business. 

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