Have you considered...

  • What are you communicating about your Employment Brand and how are you sharing your Employment Value Proposition (EVP)? 
  • What are your employees saying about you on Social Media? Are you providing them with content to share about your company and brand?
  • Do you leverage your ATS, career site, social media, job boards, and job descriptions to accurately depict your company brand?  

64% of candidates research a company before submitting an application. Their research includes information from 18 sources with content regarding your company and your Employment Brand. 

Your Employment Brand affects everything from your current team, to your bottom line, and your future innovations. Get a leg up on the competition. Focus the right efforts on recruiting the right people. Download this eBook for important information on how employment branding and recruitment marketing can positively impact your hiring process. 

Why it Matters:

Job Search

Candidates Do Their Research

Candidates are doing more research than ever before applying for open positions. In fact, 83% of job seekers said they were likely to research a company before deciding to apply.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

A bad hire sets your company back in both productivity and cost efficiency. It is estimated that a bad hire can cost your company as much as 30% of a yearly salary.

A Worthy Investment

The cost of investing in better recruiting practices has a great return on investment. Organizations that invest in employee branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire than those who don't.

Statistics courtesy of Glassdoor.com

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  • Social Presence Evaluation Do your social sites highlight your company's culture, and do they give qualified, prospective, applicants reason to apply?  
  • Marketing Success Comparison How do you differentiate from others in your industry, and what messages are you communicating to potential applicants?

Strategic & Creative Marketing Inc. is a marketing firm uniquely positioned to consult on Employment Branding due to the team’s extensive experience in both corporate marketing and recruiting at Fortune 500 companies. We are a dedicated and creative team of professionals providing exceptional services that are rooted in solid marketing strategies and implemented through effective tactics ranging from digital and social media to traditional marketing, market research and PR.