The average cost per hire in the United States is $4,000, so it is important to attract the right candidates for your company. One vital resource you can use to find new talent is your current employees. In fact, there are three different ways that your current employees can help you find the best possible hire.

Way #1:  The number one way to attract new talent is by having your employees  post on their personal social media accounts

To make it easy, you can provide them with an email each month that has social posts already written so they can post and share. This allows satisfied employees to share their experience with others.

Way #2:  One proven way to find new people is by having your employees refer a friend. 

Many companies have implemented a referral program to help find new talent. Marketing this type of program to your team will give them an incentive to bring the talent to you. Successful referral programs programs rely on motivating employees to show off the company that they work for.  And, it doesn’t have to be a cash referral – come up with other great ideas like:

  • A half day off of work
  • Bring their pet to work for a day
  • Let them pick the theme for an all-employee lunch you will get catered

There are lots of great ideas that don’t require the company to pay out money but can make an employee just as happy.

Way #3:  Another great way to find new talent is by showcasing employee highlights on your companies social media accounts 

Featuring an employee that is succeeding at your company is a great way to draw new talent in. The stories of your current employees could be what motivates others to join your team.

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