International Speakers Share Social Media Tips & Tools to Increase Your Sales in This FREE Workshop Webinar; Wed, May 20, 2020 – 1pm-2pm CDT.

If you are tired of posting to your Facebook & LinkedIn Business Pages and getting 10 views, this webinar class is for you.  Using Step-By-Step Instructions, You Will Learn:

  • What must be included in every post to get More Sales
  • Ways to get FREE advertising space on Facebook & LinkedIn
  • How to send social media messages that Convert readers to Customers
  • & much MORE!

No matter how much you know (or don’t know) about using social media, you will leave this session ready to implement the changes with step-by-step instructions.

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This event is sponsored by Insperity & presented by Strategic & Creative Marketing

More About The Speakers:

Tami Wloch Strategic & Creative MarketingTami Wloch

Tami is a dynamic, international speaker who makes the complex world of Social Media easy to understand.  Her social media campaigns are so successful that she was invited onto Advisory Panels for both Facebook Corp. & LinkedIn Corp.  Because she works directly with both Facebook & LinkedIn, has the insider knowledge that business owners need to use social media to increase their sales!

Forget generic words like “brand” & “culture” – Tami uses real language to make the complex world of social & digital easy to understand.   Her friendly, engaging presentation style captivates audiences & encourages questions.   No typical sales pitch here – Tami uses all her stage time to share her years of knowledge and teaches clear, step-by-step instructions, so attendees always leave with powerful skills, ready to jump-start their business!

With the explosive interest in harnessing the power of Social Media for business, Tami’s presentations are always one of the best attended at large conferences.  She gets it – Tami has owned multiple businesses so she understands the challenges facing today’s business owners & shares affordable (usually FREE) ways to use social platforms to get results.  She’s right there in the trenches with her team, using expert strategies to run campaigns that can obtain 50,000+ views per month and have engagement rates 200%+ higher than average. In addition, she is certified in both SEO and Google Analytics.


Susan MacNicol Strategic & Creative MarketingSusan MacNicol

Susan is a creative and critical thinker who understands the “big-picture” and exploits industry trends, market insights and strategies to increase revenue streams, build partnerships and recruit talent.

She is an exceptional communicator with clients, vendors, candidates, agencies, C-level, business partners and cross-functional teams; MBA with International experience in Europe and the Middle East.

Susan has managed high-profile accounts; Driven business growth via integrated B2B and B2C marketing campaigns across district, regional and national clients and corporate divisions; Delivered recruiting results and Recruitment Marketing strategies at major companies; Established new departments and processes at several organizations, trained teams.

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