You may have heard the phrase “content is king” thrown around a lot in 2017. Well, it doesn’t look like that sentiment is going anywhere in the coming years. In fact, branded content is becoming one of the most important ways to get in touch with consumers organically.

Branded Content

What is Branded Content?

What exactly is branded content, and how does it differ from just plain old ads? Branded content is when an advertisement is mainly focused on the creative and entertainment value, which serves a greater purpose than simply being an ad.

A great example of this is an ad I was sent by a friend a few days back. She sent me this video, which is an 8-minute long ad-spot for Carhart. Now when you heard “8-minute long ad,” your body probably convulsed a little bit (sorry). But the video is so much more than 8 minutes of someone explaining the benefits of Carhart clothing. It was a short biographic piece on actor Jason Momoa and his journey to being a father. The ad displayed beautiful shots of scenery, playful children, and (of course) his Carhart pants. But the ad itself doesn’t mention Carhart itself until the last minute or so of the entire 8-minute video.

This Carhart spot is a great example because it gives the viewer a more enhanced experience than if it were just a normal advert. The audience was allowed insight into a beautiful and heartfelt story about how a great actor gets to also be a great father, punctuated with a relevant ad.

It’s content like this that engages consumers and makes them view your brand with higher regard. They don’t just see you as selling a product but more trying to relate to their lifestyle and interests (like, say, a famous actor starring in a new movie). It’s basically making the content that you would want your ads to appear next to. Instead of trying to find creatives to make content that you can align your brand with, you as a brand just simply make your own content to serve your target audience.

Why it Matters

But why should your brand use branded content? Well, for starters, 380 million mobile devices across the world use ad-blockers. This means that advertisers have to be in touch with that audience outside of traditional advertising. Further, the average adult in the U.S. consumes around 11 hours of content daily. To get your brand in front of consumers who have access to such unlimited amount of content, you need to be making content of your own!

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