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At Strategic and Creative Marketing (S/C), we are a full-service marketing agency that thrives in an increasingly multi-dimensional media environment where strategies and tactics converge between marketing, communications, social media, and public relations.

How do we do it? And, how is it different than other agencies out there? We work with clients to first understand their business and their marketing goals through our extensive and revealing Discovery Session. Then we build a solid foundation based on data, audience segments and communication strategies that will resonate with each individual target. Much like the Japanese artform, Origami, in which each fold builds upon another to create a complex and interconnected object, our tactics work together to create one beautiful and impactful campaign.

Today, marketing involves knowing which tactic to use in order to deliver results. There are many to choose from – video, blogs, digital ads, social media, TV, radio. It’s our knowledge and decades of experience that enable us to carefully select the right elements to build one single, integrated campaign. Just as Origami artists take one piece of paper and shape it into a complex and beautiful object, we take one clear idea and shape all the pieces into a tightly-integrated campaign that reaches the right audiences with the right message.

Our success in strategic planning and social media buys generated invitations from companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adobe Spark to share our expertise and help craft the future of social media marketing. Through more than 20+ years in business, we have grown a diverse customer base demonstrating our agility in helping clients succeed in many industries, including Education, Government, Small/Medium Businesses, Fortune 500 companies and non-profits.

Strategic and Creative Marketing (S/C) is a Woman-Owned Business with WBENC certifications as a WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) and WBE (Woman Business Enterprise)

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Engagement and recruitment campaigns for Pre-K-12 education and Higher Education
  • Our capabilities include market research, community outreach, content generation and communications, social media and integrated marketing, lead-generation and conversion. We've worked with education clients across the U.S. to reach their specific students and prospective students and communicate the unique value of each Institution.

Governmental Agencies

Budget-wise, community outreach strategies that communicate services and build awareness of organizational value.
  • We help government agencies create strategies to build partnerships and enhance public trust through authentic, market-research driven communications and messaging.

Small/Medium Businesses(SMB)

Growth-oriented strategic and tactical guidance from marketing plan to execution.
  • Our years of working in the SMB market enables our team to know what uniquely impacts businesses in this sector, and how we can generate the best results with their budgets. Business strategy from a comprehensive marketing plan to customer acquisition and loyalty programs, lead generation, integrated marketing and social media strategy

Recruitment Marketing

Today’s job environment requires unique and powerful Recruitment Marketing and Employment Branding strategies and tactics to reach the right candidates with the right message about your organization.
  • Our EB and RM expertise helps clients Implement leading strategies and tactics from engagement through onboarding resulting in a faster "time-to-fill" and a longer retention rate of exceptional talent.

20 Years of Successful Strategy and Creative

Our Team Stays on the Cutting Edge

Consistent, Repeatable and Our Basis for Client Success

Industries We’ve Worked With

No matter what industry your organization falls in, the underpinning of great marketing remains the same. It starts with strategy and ends with creative execution. Just as each fold must be carefully planned before starting an Origami design, we plan each detail before developing any copy or design. Of course, the copy, design, specific tactics, the targeted audience and competitive landscape will all change dramatically based on the industry. However, the solid foundation we develop for clients in every industry will enable the creative tactics to soar, reaching the right audience and resonating with the right message. And that's where the magic happens. Magic that's better known as "awareness," "engagement," and "conversion."




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At Strategic & Creative Marketing we are dedicated to assisting your business achieve optimal sales by clearly defining your target market, identifying competitive advantages, then creating powerful messaging and tactics that reach your best audience.

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