There are many questions surrounding the decision for a business to start putting serious effort into digital marketing. The main one being who do you trust the task with- an in-house team or a marketing firm?

Digital Marketing Team Meeting

Starting serious digital marketing efforts within a business involves a lot of interconnected moving parts. A successful marketing team requires many people, skills, and resources to get your message out and to the public. There’s one big question to answer before this process begins: who do we hire to do it? Is it better to aggregate internal talent, or do you hire a marketing firm to take the lead?

The short answer is “either or,” but the decision hinders mostly on factors within your business.

Financial Cost

Consider the costs of hiring a digital marketing firm against staying internal. Remember there is a cost to moving people around within your team, or recruiting new people for the task. Hiring people internally means you are taking talent away from other areas of work, likely leading to more hires. Your business would have to weigh those costs within your specific budgetary needs to decide which option is financially more sound

Marketing Needs

Hiring someone in-house means they are familiar with your brand, but they may not be as familiar with possible marketing opportunities. There are many marketing solutions that an internal marketer could use, such as social media and email marketing. But there may be other, more specialized marketing opportunities someone outside the marketing world may not consider (guerrilla marketing, search engine optimization, etc.). Again, the level of expert you need in this area would depend on what you think your brand needs.

All in all, there are unending factors that play into this important decision. More than can be fit into a blog post! If you would like a free marketing consultation to help assess your individual marketing needs, schedule your appointment here or call 630-456-0827.

Excerpted from Kenny Tripura of the Forbes Agency Council,