Recruiting and Marketing have often occupied similar spheres of business. Both are behind the scenes, upper-level management tasks handled in the business world. But why shouldn’t they intersect? Now more than ever, businesses are starting to realize the importance of marketing open job positions as part of a larger recruitment strategy.


Only 1% of Fortune 500 companies send any information other than basic job opportunity details to their talent networks. Yet many companies use the Talent Pool functions on their ATS systems to aggregate applicants so the candidate data is already captured. Simple communications to these potential candidates and past applicants will impact brand awareness. Spreading awareness among your advocates is essential, so use your talent networks to share positive news about the great employer brand reputation your company has achieved.

Marketing and recruiting are becoming inexorably intertwined, with recruitment marketing emerging both as a distinct discipline and a core competency affecting every part of the talent acquisition cycle. Preparing for the future of talent acquisition, and overcoming the talent shortage (real or imagined), means rethinking the way we approach recruiting – and recruitment marketing.

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