When a prospective client tells me “we have a Social Media Person,” I know to ask additional questions.   Just because you have someone posting for you does NOT mean they are getting results.

If your Social Media person doesn’t know Marketing, you need to look at the bigger picture.

I am NOT saying you don’t need that amazing Social Media person (because then I would be out of a job!), but rather, you DO need an amazing Marketing person, also (Bonus!  I happen to be both).  While a Social Media expert is an excellent person to have for your postings, they are probably not qualified to give you an overall Marketing picture.

For companies of any size, it is imperative that you have an all-encompassing Marketing plan that makes sure your message is consistently carried across all Marketing channels.

If you are sending out Social Media posts with a completely different message from your print ads, you are confusing your customer.  If the colors in your website don’t match what’s showing up on Social Media posts, you are hurting your Company Branding.  Is there any consistency between the look of your physical office space and your Social Media posts?  If not, customer recognition is taking a hit. Running any single Marketing Campaign in a vacuum will not produce the sales results you are looking for.

The BIG point is, you need a well-trained Marketing person to analyze all the pieces of your company to provide you with an overall Marketing Plan.  This plan will make sure all marketing ideas complement each other instead of working against each other.

An overall Marketing Plan means all your Marketing channels, including Social Media, are more successful, resulting in more customers and more sales.

This plan does NOT have to be expensive, either.  Strategic & Creative Marketing is happy to provide you with a Marketing Snapshot for FREE.  We will meet with your company and give you 3 Individualized Ideas you can immediately implement to improve your overall Plan (with our help or without – there is no obligation to use S&C to implement!).

I am happy to say that my customers are lucky because I have both a strong Social Media background as well as 15 years of Marketing experience.  See our website,  wwww.scmarketinginc.com, for more information, or simply email me directly with questions, Tami@SCmarketing.com.   Happy posting!