Strategic & Creative Marketing is pleased to announce that we won the RFP to create both TV and radio spots for the State of Illinois.  The spots were created to let viewers know the opening date of the Department Of Motor Vehicles and when services were to be offered.  In addition, we shared the new due dates for RealIDs and other required documents.

Carefully Crafted for Time

The State provided us with the key points that were to be included in both the TV and Radio spots.  We then carefully crafted the message to optimize it into just 30 seconds (which is no easy feat).  We needed both the TV and Radio spots to match this 30 second length.

Visuals Created Next

Next, we obtained video footage from the State as well as facilities photos.  Additionally, we sourced stock photos that would be appropriate as well.  These images were then customized to match the content, length needed, and visual appeal.

Music & Talent

In addition to creating the content & visuals, background music and a voice-over were needed as well.  We created multiple music tracks as well as voice-over tracks from different voice-over artists and presented them to the State so they could choose one of each.  Upon approval, we dropped in the music track and had the voice-over artist create the final read of the content.  All of these pieces were then layered into the final project.

Translations Provided Also

The 30 second TV spots and radio spots were also created to be broadcast in Spanish.  We first redesigned the text in the TV spots from English to Spanish.  Then, we brought in a different voice-over artist to record the TV & Radio content in Spanish.

Final Package

The finished English TV spot can be viewed below (and on TV’s near you!)

Need These Services?

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