Recruit & Retain Webinar Part 2
The SOCIAL MEDIA & DATA SCIENCE Behind Building a Loyal Workforce!
Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 1:00pm CT (11:00am PT/2:00pm ET)

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According to a recent Talemetry poll:    78% of candidates will join talent networks and share information with potential employers yet only 19% of companies actually have a Talent Network they use to recruit.

This is a tremendous opportunity for employers who build a Recruitment Marketing strategy to capture candidate information and nurture these candidates for future career opportunities!


Science-based research studies have proven that, when employees are happy at work, the benefits to companies are monumental:

  • More motivated and inspired employees
  • Less time off from employees
  • More smiling around the office

Most importantly, your customers feel the benefits too; they know you are a good company with people who love to work for you, and this impacts the bottom line!

Join us as Recruitment Marketing Expert Susan MacNicol and Work Happiness Expert and TEDx Speaker Jody Miller discuss the importance of SOCIAL MEDIA & DATA SCIENCE in Building a Loyal Workforce!

Susan will begin the webinar with the Social Media segment and explain how to create powerful Employment Brands and highly effective Recruitment Marketing campaigns using Social Media platforms. Then, Jody will present the Data Science segment and share the science behind how companies create happy, engaging cultures that lead to increased loyalty and fewer employee exits.

Join us for the 2nd Webinar in Recruit & Retain Series and learn:
  • Importance of Social Media management in today’s recruiting market.
  • How to leverage your Applicant Tracking System, career site, social media, job boards, and job descriptions to accurately depict your company brand.
  • How to provide positive content about your brand to your employees to share on social media.
  • The role of the brain’s amygdala in avoiding risk or increasing innovation at work.
  • How to reduce stress and increase happiness and productivity in the workplace.
  • The data behind serotonin, dopamine and their effects on productivity in the workplace. Learn how to navigate these chemical transmitters.
  • How helping others makes you happier, more loyal and a more productive employee.

The SOCIAL MEDIA & DATA SCIENCE Behind Building A Loyal Workforce!
July 26 at 1PM CT /11AM PT

  • eBook: “How To Become a Servant Leader: Increase Work Happiness, Collaboration and the Bottom Line”
  • Infographic: “Employer Branding – What are Candidates Saying?”
Bring your questions and join us on July 26, 2018 at this 45-minute LIVE webinar to learn the importance of Social Media and Data Sciences in recruiting and retaining your best talent!

Warm regards,
Susan MacNicol & Jody B. Miller

Susan MacNicol

Susan MacNicol
Founder; Strategic & Creative Marketing
Jodi Miller

Jody B. Miller
CEO of C2C Strategic Management, Bestselling Author, Keynote, TEDx,
Work Happiness Expert