Employer Branding

Recruiting has been done nearly the same way for decades: post a job, job seekers apply, interviews are had, the best candidate is hired. But in 2018, the tides are changing.



Imagine a world where almost all applicants are your ideal hiring material. They understand what your company can offer them, and in turn, know what they can offer you in return. This is the future recruitment marketing and employer branding are aiming to accomplish to make a reality. Recruitment marketing helps potential hires better understand your company so they can make informed decisions about applying. The best way to build up your recruitment marketing? Employer branding. This is probably a new concept to most since 28% of businesses still don’t prioritize employer branding strategies. So today we’re just going to define the basics:

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the set of values created by the organization that will attract the desired future workforce and keeps the desired current workforce. EVP will offer messages that address the rewards, the opportunity, the culture, the organization, the work, and the people you will be working with. Inside of these categories, the EVP might cover specific attributes like health insurance, vacation, retirement, career development, ethics, job impact, manager qualities, etc.

Employment Brand (EB)

Employment Brand (EB), just like a consumer brand, is how the future and current workforce understands the EVP. How they feel about it. How they resonate with it. Your employer brand is your company’s identity. It’s everything that makes you different, everything that makes you stand out.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding then is defined as a company’s ability to differentiate and promote this identity to a defined group of candidates that they’re  interested in hiring.

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