Saigon Sisters and the Impact of Refugees

Saigon Sisters History

There is a growing debate within American politics about the value that refugees bring to the U.S. economy. Refugees come to America in the hopes of escaping persecution, often with nothing more than the clothes on their back. This generally means refugees will require some form of financial aid in their lives, leaving some to wonder how that aid actually impacts both the refugee and the economy. We at S/C are fortunate enough to see how refugees positively impact the economy through our client, Saigon Sisters. The Saigon Sisters, Mary & Theresa, came to America from Vietnam to start a new life. With their combination of hope, skill, and determination, this family has established themselves as a well-recognized Vietnamese restaurant in the downtown Chicago area.

Read more about their journey, and the experience of other refugees, in the 2017 Illinois Refugee Program Annual Report