Podcasts are a great way to learn new things. The owner of Strategic & Creative Marketing, Susan MacNicol, was excited to share her knowledge of the business world as it relates to social media on the podcast called, Business Class Podcast.

When Susan spoke with the founder of Business Class News, Karl Woolfenden, she gave great advice regarding what type of social media is going to give your business the best results.

For reference, Susan started Strategic & Creative Marketing in 2001, so she has first hand knowledge on what it takes to successfully market your business on social media. During the podcast, she answers everyone’s burning question as to why it has become harder to promote your business on social media in recent years. Not only does she answer this question, but she also gives other solutions to your your marketing needs. One of those solutions could be the team here at SC Marketing.

Why is SC the solution to your businesses social media?

  • We create custom campaign using creative strategies to put the right message in front of the right audience
  • We provide you with detailed reports each month that analyzes the data for your social media campaigns as well as the traffic we drive to¬† your website
  • SC is on both Facebook and LinkedIn Advisory Panels which gives us direct access to a team of representatives at both companies
  • We use tailored artificial intelligence software that can place your ad in over 47,000 online platforms (including CNN, WGN9tv, NFL Network, BoredPanda, RetailMeNot, WallStreeJournal, & many more)

You can listen to the entire podcast featuring Susan on season 2 episode 22 of the Business Class Podcast titled, Social Media Tactics That Work!

Contact Susan at 1 (630) 456-0827 or at susan@scmarketinginc.com, to talk about a strategic marketing plan that will boost your business’s social media presence.