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Our services include an initial analysis of your current marketing strategy, target market, sales goals, creative, and messaging.  Then, we build the campaign, visual look, brand, and powerful messages to clearly communicate your value proposition to your customers and prospects.


Our goal is simple:  work with you and your team to deliver sales results 

Engaging Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest options to do yourself, but one of the most challenging options to do right. You need to give your audience a reason to open your email while they're being flooded with more content than they can sift through. Let us help you find that piece of the puzzle to keep your target engaged in your messaging.

Creative Employment Branding & Recruitment Marketing

Our unique combination of corporate experience in both marketing and recruiting enables us to deliver high caliber campaigns that reach your ideal target and attract top talent to your company. Strategic tactics include ongoing communication, engagement, and retention plans to keep your high performers.

Professional LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used tools when conducting research on a business or its associates. Your appearance on the platform could potentially make or break your brand's overall image. Our LinkedIn services provide a review of your current LinkedIn page, as well as ``professional makeovers`` for all LinkedIn company and profile pages.

Strategic Marketing Plans

With years of market data research at the helm, S/C aims to use all available data to ensure your company a quality return on your next marketing campaign. The robust marketing plans that we develop will incorporate all elements for success - Strategies, Research, Positioning, Competitive Advantage, Value Proposition, Messaging, Budgets, Timelines, and Tactics.

Targeted Market Research

Market research is the backbone of every successful business- you need to know your audience. S&C offers end to end market research solutions to help businesses excel with strategic, effective and cost-efficient research that provides actionable insights and marketing strategies. In addition to full-service research, we also offer a variety of analytical support to ensure you're getting the most out of your data!

Influential Public Relations

Our public relations services go above and beyond the average media press release. Our highly effective PR programs will enhance your company's image, public perception, and awareness through the use of traditional media, social media, and a mix of custom options that directly relate to your company. These options can range from conference presentations to podcast guest spots!

Analytical Social Media Ads

Social media is quickly becoming the most cost effective way to spread your brand's message. But how do you know if you hit your target audience? Our social media expertise will increase awareness, branding, and sales through a variety of diverse tactics: Google Analytics, Twitter Campaigns, Facebook Ads and Company Pages.

Optimized Websites and Searches

A successful website is at the core of any great company or campaign. Companies today need a constant, digital presence to establish their legitimacy to potential clientele. But even more important than your website is your customer's ability to find it. Our search engine professionals will work to ensure your custom website is being seen by those you want to see it.