Web Design Trends

There’s a great shift happening in the web design industry. Many are ditching current norms for designs that have a more familiar feeling. This shift in web design trends is another phase in the ever-changing technological cycle, where older designs become reinvented and relevant again. Below are some trends shifting into focus in 2018.

Detail-Rich Designs

A big trend that came and went in recent years is known as “flat” designing. Images that are made with less detail (like shadows or contrast) in order to give a more clean and modern appearance. A great example of this trend can be found when comparing the iOS 6 to iOS 7  design differences. You can clearly see a lack of detail in the update, which was meant to be a modern upgrade to the phone. The ability for screens to process more complex images has opened the gateway for people to come back to the more intricate designs. There is now a shift back towards the detailed designs, which have stronger signifiers for action in the mind of users.


As we discussed in our post about marketing psychology, typeface has a sizable impact on how consumers view and interact with your brand. Different styles of typeface can elicit different responses from your consumer base. Therefore, sans-serif font has been a big favorite for the last few years. It evokes a sense of a modernism and sleekness that was expected in the age of booming technology. Now, however, we are seeing a shift towards a look of authority and reliability in an age influenced by “fake news.” This subconscious need for trustworthy brands is pushing design back into serif fonts, known to evoke such emotions.

Rounded Edges

The “rounded edges” trend comes in on the heels of the shift in typography. Many companies have used straight and sharp designs in the last few years to give the “modern” vibe that every designer is after. But now we’re seeing a shift back towards the rounded design features again. Sites such as Twitter are changing all of their boxy and bordered shapes for more organic and rounded ones. These changes are noticeable in both the profile picture area and the text back for writing tweets.

Scrolling Effects

Scrolling effects are still in their “new” phase, but they are being redefined as technological needs shift. Parallax effects were the “it” trend in web design after their incorporation in 2011. However, this design fell by the wayside after load times became the more important web design factor. But sticky background images are bringing back the feeling of parallax without bogging down systems. The sticky background remains in place while the remaining web page continues to scroll. This makes for a “reveal” type background that gives a lot of design opportunity.

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Excerpted from Ben Davis at Econsultancy: https://www.econsultancy.com/blog/69683-10-no-nonsense-web-design-trends-for-2018