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Achieve More Sales & Amazing Brand Recognition

By Reaching the Right Customers With The Right Message!

Hundreds Of Clicks + Thousands of Impressions + Data Supporting Results = More Sales and Brand Recognition for Your Company



Instead of guessing which Social Platform will get you the most clicks,

we use AI software!


Our AI Software will Find Your Best Customer

on Whichever Platform They are Using,

Whenever They are Online

We are so successful with our Social Media Ad Buys that we were invited by Facebook Corp, LinkedIn Corp and Adobe Spark to be part of their Advisory Panels where we regularly give input that is shaping the future of Social Media Marketing.

  • We write conversion content that speaks directly to the person most likely to buy your product or service

  • Our AI Software then creates a custom audience from those most likely to Click

  • The AI Software then finds other people with the exact same likes/interests/jobs/income as those who are buying from you!

Our Work Speaks For Itself!


Tami Wloch, Director Social/Digital Media at S/C Marketing has received a recommendation from Facebook Corporate for her valuable contribution to Facebook Business Insights Panel!

Recommendation from Facebook

We Hate To Tell You, But Organic Posting is Dead


You used to be able to post to your social media pages and all of your followers would see the post.  Now, the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) only show your free postings to about 3% of your followers.


SO – How do you NOW reach new customers?

Organic Posting is Dead!

Here Are Just a Few Ways We Can Deliver Amazing Results For YOUR Company :


  • Social Media Targeted Ad Buys

  • Social Media Platform Creation

  • Social Media Monthly Posting

  • Website Design/Updates

  • Social Media & Website SEO

  • Blog Content Writing

  • Social Media Graphic Design for Banners, Posts, & Events

  • Website Graphic Design for Blogs & Pages

Let’s Get Started with the Strategic Social Media Marketing that Delivers the Sales and Awareness that YOUR Company Deserves! 

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