Subconscious Marketing Psychology

To an extent, your marketing efforts shape how your audience views your business. But there is a large number of subconscious, psychological factors that can influence your brand image.



Color Choice

Different colors can impact a person’s behavior and decision making, making it a key tool in marketing psychology. Below is the list of color-to-psychology correlations that marketers and designers use to elicit certain¬†responses:

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Urgency – Youth – Excitement Friendly – Cheerful – Confident Optimism – Clarity – Warmth Peaceful – Growth – Health Trustworthy – Dependable – Strong Creative – Imaginative – Wise

Minute Style Details

Font is a surprisingly important aspect of brand design, which makes it often overlooked. There is a clear marketing psychology correlation between font types and responses:

Serif Sans Serif Script Modern Disply
Times New Roman – Baskerville Helvetica – Calibri Lavanderia – Edwardian Scrip Futura – Century Gothic Cooper – Valencia
Tradition – Reliable – Respectable Stable – Clean – Modern Elegant – Affectionate – Creative Strong – Chic – Progressive Friendly – Expressive- Unique

Consistency is Key

You need to be able to give users the same brand experience, no matter where their touch point is. It’s important to make sure that you give an impression of consistency because subconsciously that will affect a consumers view of your brand. If you are inconsistent with your own image, how will you be with your services?

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Excerpted from Jenna Gross of Moving Targets for the Forbes Agency Council: