S/C Marketing Social MediaYou know you need great Social Media for your business.  Here’s my best advice – don’t hire that 20-something that “can post for you!”  Being able to physically post a few articles on your pages each month will NOT help your business grow.


Hire a Professional

Your best bet for a successful Social Media presence is to hire someone who knows Marketing.  Seasoned marketers create marketing plans so you will be posting the correct message and reach the correct audience.  That is how you use Social Media to convert to Sales.

Organic Just Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

It used to be that you could put up a post and all your followers would see it.  This hasn’t been the case for awhile.  Facebook throttles your reach to usually about 1% to 5% of your total followers because they want you to purchase advertising space.  So, if you have 1,000 followers, each time you post, likely only about 25 of them will see it.

Paid Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

The Team at Strategic & Creative Marketing excels at paid campaigns that get your message seen by the correct audience.  We can hyper-target the viewers so those who will be great customers are those who see your posts!  And, it can be very cost-effective – for example, we regularly pay only 5cents each time someone views your video all the way thru!  We don’t just get Impressions (although we will get you thousands!), we get engagement – people will like,comment, & share your posts.

For Social Media That Works, Call Us Today

We here at S/C Marketing are happy to review your current Social presence and make recommendations for how it can be improved, either by implementing the tactics yourself or having us lead the way.  For more info, call 847-271-4066 to reach our Social/Digital Marketing Department.

For more information, watch our video below!