It is not everyone’s cup of tea to speak in front of crowds. However, our Director of Social/Digital Media, Tami Wloch, does it so well that she was again invited to be a featured speaker in Orlando presenting at the 2020 ASTRA Toy Industry National Conference. Tami will be speaking on how to get more sales for your business using Facebook & LinkedIn.

Tami speaks regularly throughout the year to events of all sizes both nationally and internationally. SC Marketing can attest that Tami does not present your typical sales pitch. Instead, she shares her years of knowledge with clear, step-by-step instructions. As a result, attendees always leave with powerful skills, ready to jump start their business!

What makes Tami the perfect person to speak upon this topic?

Tami has over 20 years of corporate sales and marketing experience in retail, tourism, and telecommunications, plus entrepreneurial experience. Tami has owned multiple businesses, so she understands the challenges facing today’s business owners & shares affordable (or free) ways to use social platforms to get results.

Tami’s expertise can be seen in numbers and recognition

Tami is highly skilled in paid social ad campaigns.  She runs customer campaigns that can get 50,000+ views in a month and has engagement rates 200%+ higher than average. Due to her successful ad campaigns, she is now serving on advisory panels for both Facebook Corporation & LinkedIn Corporation.

If you are interested getting results like Tami or are interested in having Tami speak at your event, please contact her at  OR

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