Strategic & Creative Marketing is proud to announce that our Director of Social/Digital Media, Tami Wloch, is speaking at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Global Conference. The event this year is being held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Teaching Financial Professionals

Tami will be speaking to the assembly of financial professionals and teaching them how to use Facebook & LinkedIn to generate more sales. She will be presenting one session in English and also a second session that will be simultaneously translated into Thai.

Tami is on Advisory Panels for Facebook & LinkedIn

Why is Tami so uniquely qualified to teach these sessions? She is helping shape the future of Social Media by being on Advisory Panels for both Facebook Corporation and LinkedIn Corporation. Tami speaks regularly, teaching company owners in various services/industries, how to increase their Sales through Social.

Looking For A Great Speaker?

Here are just a few recommendations Tami has received for her speaking engagements:

Paul Coplan
It was like finding treasure having Tami train our consultant team at Expedia CruiseShipCenters NorthShore! Her knowledge of best marketing practices on social media is indispensable. She is able to speak directly to the business and their specific needs. Thanks Tami!!!!

Kyra Tillman
I attended an event where Tami Wloch of Strategic & Creative Marketing was the guest speaker recently. Her presentation was extremely informative and she found a way to make it applicable to each and every business owner in the room (all who are from very different industries). Highly recommend!

If your organization is looking for a speaker that doesn’t waste the stage time promoting their own services but actually imparts knowledge that the attendees can use to improve THEIR businesses, Tami is the speaker you should choose.

She will teach your attendees how to navigate Social, how to improve their social presence, or how to improve their website to get more sales. To inquire if Tami has an opening in her speaking schedule to accommodate your group, reach out to her at

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