Register for the latest Tech Summit, Reaching Your Full Potential Online, so you can hear Tami Wloch talk about tech.

She will discuss easy ways to use Facebook and other platforms to get more sales for your business.  Plus, during her Summit interview, she will highlight some of the challenges you face as a business owner and how she overcomes them.


For over 15 years, she has been providing Marketing services for companies, including expertise in Social Media, PR, TradeShows, Radio/TV/Newspaper, print, and more.  Because of her successes with Social Media Campaigns, she now serves on Advisory Boards for both Facebook Corp & LinkedIn Corp where she is helping shape the future of Social Media by evaluating and changing their future products & services.  In addition, she is certified in both SEO & Google Analytics.

She teaches classes both in the US and internationally, nearly every month, to help business owners understand the complex world of gaining customers thru Social Platforms – this can be a very inexpensive Marketing tool if used correctly.  She leads her classes thru hands-on techniques owners can implement for immediate results and welcomes feedback and questions from the attendees during all sessions as instant feedback greatly increases the learning curve.


BONUS – Everyone who attends gets a Social Media personalized Audit (regularly $550) for just $197!  This audit includes a complete review of your social platforms with a written 8 to 20 page report PLUS a FREE hour long session with Tami!  Details HERE

WHY JOIN THIS SUMMIT?  From the Tech Summit Organizer:

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