Do you want to Grow your Business?

Great Marketing is essential to enhance Brand Recognition, get more customers, & increase sales!  You need a trusted source for all of your marketing needs and Strategic & Creative Marketing is that source.  With over 15 years of experience, S/C has worked with companies of all sizes;  from well- established Fortune 500 companies to companies that are growing.  Watch this GREAT VIDEO for details:

Why Choose Strategic & Creative?

We don’t just occasionally post some stuff for you on Social OR print a folder OR run a newspaper ad.  CAN we do all this?  Of course!  But, marketing is much more effective when you have an overall Plan and this is where S/C excels!

We create a well-thought out Marketing Plan that determines your Brand, defines your target markets, analyzes what your most effective message is to those markets, and demonstrates the best channels to reach them.  We look at your competitors and other marketing that is being done in your industry, to make sure your message is unique and memorable.  You must have the right message speaking to the right audience to get results.

We’ve gotten clients appearances on WGN TV, booked as podcast interviews, created exceptional Brand Videos, launched book sales, & so much more.

How Do You Get Started?

There’s no need to start with all plan pieces at once.  S/C will lay out a comprehensive schedule that works within your budget.  We plan for roll-outs of Social Media, Direct Mail, Email Campaigns, Website Revisions, Recruitment Marketing, & so much more.  Contact us to get started –

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For great examples of what we do, watch our video:


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