Simple Ways to Get More Sales

I was at the hair salon the other day, leaning back in the chair, half asleep while having my hair washed and a thought occurred to me, “if the stylist asked me to buy something right now, I probably would!” In a state of blissful relaxation, our usual defenses go down and we are much more open to new suggestions.

Albeit impractical to drag around a hair washing station, finding out what relaxes your clients is a great way to make that sale. You will always be more successful in a sale if you get your customer to relax and enjoy talking with you.

Who Is a Great Salesperson?

Think about someone you know who is a really great salesperson. They are likely successful because their customers LIKE them. Learn enough about your customer to find out what makes them happy. And I’m not talking about buying their affections – talking to sports fan about the close score of their team’s game last night will work just as well as bringing them a notepad with the team log.  Ask about your customer’s child’s first day of school & what they loved about the day.  Small inquiries can build that sales relationship!

A Little Work Can Go A Long Way

Of course, this takes a little bit of homework on your part, but with the sharing of information on social media, it won’t be hard to find out what they are passionate about. A little work in advance can have a surprisingly good result. Finding a way to bond with your customer and build that extra connection makes the actual sale so much easier.

I would love to hear about your successful Sales techniques.  Share your tips in the comment below about how YOU close that deal!

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